Saturday, August 6, 2011

Personal Best

Three blog posts in a single year. Shall I post again a double my own record? I have consulted my personal adviser and he states: "All signs point to no."

As always the camera was my trusted companion throughout the convention. Let us see what it caught in its digital net.

Invisible Man (we'll take the green out in post).

Fun fact: The guy in the costume is normal sized everyone else in the shot is midget.

In San Diego, it turns out.

...and Jon Lovtiz as Robin.

The middle one is the hottest, clearly.

This one is for you, Bean. Sorry it's not a panda.

Also for Bean.

I'll be honest, for ninjas, not that coordinated.

I wonder how the found each other.

...and the award for Creepiest Thing at the Show goes to...

Oh shit, now I need to change my password.

"You and I must fight for our rives."

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