Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What it do, nephew?

Sometime after the Earth cooled and while monsters of improbable size wandered, we began to work on a little something we would eventually call: Trinity. Now, at long last, we are able to present to you a little preview of our endeavor along with the debut of our new, still in progress website.

Trinity is to be a limited 72 issue series. Our plan is to soon provide you with regular pages, laying out the narrative for you Hanzel and Gretel style. Exactly when this will begin I can make no promises, it will all depend on what kind of schedule my co-writer/artist with the unfortunately spelled last name can manage. Delay in this matter is due to the barbed whip being on backorder.

Post or email your praise, criticism will be given all of the wait it deserves.

"Let's pee in the corner, let's pee in the spotlight."

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