Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The word "friend" is used very loosely

This is for you, my rose-haired friend, don't ever say I never did nothing fer ya.

When this blog was first created out of the ether, it was my intention to update this blog regularly, how did that work out for everyone? This is not to suggest that things have been quiet around Azrael HQ. I finished a feature script named User and in a total break from my normal genre this is about vampires in Los Angeles. My delusions must have been worse than normal because I felt it good enough to enter into a scriptwriting competition. Expect an announcement soon that I have lost, probably about this time next year.

In other writing news I have started on a werewolf script which I am calling Idyllwild and continue to work on rewrites for Trinity with the other half of the Azrael team. Should you have any criticism of our first 6 pages of the comic you may contact us to offer it, please word said missives in the most soul-crushing manner possible. There has been a dearth of hate mail and this makes me uncomfortable; fan mail is entirely too much to ask so much like most married couples, we will settle for what we can begging will get us.

From comics and movies we move onto another medium which I hold an unhealthy fascination, video games. Working in that industry is can be described as punishing; long hours are often cited as a culprit. Though perhaps due to a 3 can a day Mountain Dew habit and how often I ate at a Chinese restaurant with a "B" in the window I found my time in those trenches quite rewarding. So I have been studying for a new method of entry. Click below and witness the glory plain polygonal cups, screw drivers and a vehicle from an obscure 80's fantasy movie.

Comic Con charges at us yet again, aiming like some high school jock to impress us with his size and popularity. Azrael will again be represented, and should you run across us you are encouraged to approach, but do so slowly, we are skittish. My picture can now be seen on the right side of this blog, and yes I am in fact vector based.

"Scallaboosh, Scallaboosh, will you do the banned tango."

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